Reconditioned Used Massey Ferguson 300 Series Tractors

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The Massey Ferguson 300 series is an exceptionally designed and manufactured range of quality tractors that offer some of the best results available. With this range you will discover that many of the tractors offer two wheel drive however there is the exception of the Massey Ferguson 390/398 model.

The advantages they bring to the farming and agricultural industries are truly indescribable. The tractors have been designed to create not only an efficient and effective working environment whilst on the move but also a safe one too. These wonderful ranges of renovated tractors provide some of the most efficient results for you; with this series we have many models of tractors which include the excellent Massey Ferguson 375 tractor which offers 68hp.

We offer many renovated tractors in the 300 series including the Massey Ferguson 365 and Massey Ferguson 398 models which have up to 95hp. The Massey Ferguson 300 selection can offer you between 60 and 95hp to ensure you can find the most suitable and efficient tractor for your needs and requirements.

Used Massey Ferguson 375 & 398

As you know we love great quality renovated machines and when it comes to finding some great models from Massey Ferguson, Dumelow won’t let you down. The 300 series are fantastic tractors and we are always keen to offer great examples of the Massey Ferguson 375 and of course that other great model, the Massey Ferguson 398. Both stunning machines and both excellent value. Keep checking back on the website and you will be sure to find the model you want. We regularly receive new stock and we update the website almost everyday, so don’t worry, the 300 series tractor you want will be there soon!