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Disc Plough


Number of Discs
2 -£100
3 Standard Option
4 +£200
5 +£400

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New disc plough. Used for primary cultivation. This is the first stage in seed bed preparation. If you are considering buying some agricultural implements for use with your tractor the most important machine to consider is a disc plough as primary cultivation is by far the most labour intensive task when carried out by hand. Over half of our customers who buy a tractor also buy a disc plough.

Very popular with our African customers.

Please be sure to match the size of the plough that you want to the power of your tractor as follows:

2 disc plough: 50hp two wheel drive
3 disc plough: 60 – 80hp two wheel drive
4 disc plough: 75 – 90hp four wheel drive or 90 – 100hp two wheel drive
5 disc plough: 90 – 130hp four wheel drive or 100 – 130hp two wheel drive

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